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My scientific interests centre on individual variation, population divergence, genetics and evolutionary theory, with a particular focus on the diverse mechanisms of adaptation and divergence. A main line of research is how individual Matching Habitat Choice can facilitate local adaptation, genotype-environment correlation, invasion of novel habitats, and experimental speciation.  We studied this in a cryptic ground-perching grasshopper, combining descriptive field studies, manipulative experiments in the field and in our lab, determination of the quantitative genetics of colour, plasticity and habitat choice, and individual-based simulation modelling. More recently we started another exciting experimental test using Zebra finches and Tree sparrows  Additional consequences of Matching habitat Choice on individuals, populations and other species are being studied using optogenetic Drosophila fruit flies.

Some key words describing my interests and expertise: evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, sexual and natural selection, local adaptation, population differentiation, genetic divergence, biogeography, speciation, invasion biology, behavioural ecology, animal communication, population ecology, intra- and interspecific interactions, parasitism and predation, habitat selection, conservation, ornithology and entomology.

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