Organisms, adaptation and divergence

Our research on adaptation and divergence aims for a richer understanding of these important evolutionary phenomena and the active role that organisms play in this

What is it that evolves, and how does it evolve?

That is the focus of my research on the interplay between variation among and within individuals, genetic and non-genetic inheritance, and the mechanisms driving adaptation and population divergence. Several projects investigate Matching Habitat Choice, an intriguing behaviour we experimentally studied in grasshoppers, zebra finches, tree sparrows, and fruit flies. We do field studies, lab experiments, simulation modelling, and old-fashioned thinking about concepts and theory. I am currently working on a book on adaptive evolution that pulls all the results and insights together (intended to be published by Oxford University Press in 2024).

Key words: evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, evolutionary theory, sexual and natural selection, population differentiation, speciation, biogeography, behavioural ecology, animal communication, invasive species, conservation.

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