Research opportunities

Students: I´m open to Spanish and foreign students looking for an interesting research topic for their university degree (´grado´) or master study. Students that are finishing their master thesis can apply with me for a paid one-year research contract (Plan Propio de la UPO – we have been highly successful in the past). Look at my current projects to get an idea of the research activities going on now and in the near future.

PhDs and post-docs: there are several options to apply for funding, both from Spain (e.g. Juan de la Cierva or Plan Propio de la UPO) and international (e.g. Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships). People with funding or funding ideas are especially welcome to contact me and explore possibilities.

Projects: people looking for collaborators are very welcome to inquire if I´m interested, available, and eligible.

Papers: I might be able to provide analytical (statistical) skills, biological knowledge and interpretation,  points-of-view and conceptual insight, and possibly data sets – email or phone me and we talk about it!