I was (2014-2019) a member of the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program “Environment & Society“. Activities include deciding which students and teachers are allowed to enter the program, evaluating first-year research plans and annual progress of all enrolled PhD students, and organising and coordinating courses offered to PhD students.

I´m (since 2016) Coordinator of the highly competitive Master Program “Biodiversity and Conservation Biology“.

I teach “Principles of Conservation Genetics” (fourth year Environmental Sciences), and in the master program “Biodiversity and Conservation Biology”. Also an introductory practical on population and quantitative genetics, using live and simulated Fruit flies, and human traits (hand-, arm- and tongue-folding, and weight, religion and political preference).

You could contact me about giving a host lecture comparing statistical approaches using p-values, information theoretical criteria (like AIC), and the Bayesian framework.